Disability Studies Minor

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Education and Human Services, College of » Human Services
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Program Description:

The Minor in Disability Studies is an interdisciplinary experience that exposes students to various national and international theoretical, sociopolitical, cultural, ethnological, and historical perspectives of disability.  Students will be challenged to explore their personal attitudes, beliefs, and viewpoints regarding disability, and the impact of societal perspectives on the valuation and treatment of individuals with disabilities will be examined.  The program provides exposure and fosters an understanding of the various lived experiences of individuals with disabilities, and includes an overview of associated identity factors, sexuality, activism and Crip justice, the arts (literature, film, theatre, etc.), as well as bioethical factors often encountered in the disability community.  The models and theories learned in this program can benefit students that plan to work in settings such as education, business, human services, social work, health care, counseling, and many others.

Admission Requirements:

Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA.  NOTE: No grade lower than a C in any course will count toward the minor.