Celebrating 50 Years


A Collection of Stories from the Wright State Community

In 2017, we asked the Wright State family—faculty, staff, students, and alumni—to tell us a personal story about their experience here, a story that reflects both the university's unique culture and its influence on their lives. Please enjoy those stories that helped us celebrate Wright State’s first 50 years of transforming the lives of our students and the communities we serve.

Becca Webb

Student & Staff

WSU’s championing of the LGBTQAI+ community has changed my life. Through Safe Space training and links to the Office of LGBTQAI Affairs, I discovered a label I now wear proudly: queer. I also have met the most inspiring and affirming people here, with incredible teachers and a strong, family-like community.

Billy Willis

Alumni & Staff

Wright State to me means Opportunity: WSU has given so many people a chance to succeed when others didn't. It gave me an Opportunity to complete my master’s degree and obtain a full time staff position! It has afforded me opportunities to grow as a student, professional and person.

Amanda Bucher


I have been able to gain unique experiences through employment and research opportunities such as NSF-RET that will make me an excellent teacher when I graduate. Through student employment I've made connections and learned important skills while having fun and getting some grocery money for it!

Miranda Fryman


I came to Wright State as a passive student who had no idea what she wanted to do. Luckily, I found a home very quickly and became active in many organizations and groups that have given me amazing opportunities and lifelong relationships.

Tessa Cox


In my first year as a teacher, I was consistently told that I didn't seem like a first year teacher. The only explanation I have for this is that the ILA program at Wright State prepared me so well, and I will always be grateful for that.

Bruce Heintz


As a student, I’ve been blessed with amazing professors and mentors that have helped me discover my potential, and prepared me well for the workforce. I’ll be leaving Wright State in the spring, but I’ll be connected with these people for the rest of my life.

Hannah Parker


I came here Spring 2016 as a transfer student after a rough couple semesters in Kentucky. I took a semester off before transferring here to make sure college was right for me, and I'm glad I decided to come to Wright State. I found my home!

Sarah Christy


As a freshman, I was placed in leadership positions that none of my friends would have been capable of at schools their size. Wright State has allowed me to grow as a leader in such a short time and I am forever grateful.

Katie Halberg

Staff, Director of Social Engagement

When I began working here in 2007, we were in the midst of the 40th anniversary celebration. Throughout the last decade, I’ve met many fabulous colleagues, become a trailblazer in social media, and completed my master’s degree. My husband and children have also become Raiders! Thank you, Wright State!

Amanda Earnest

Staff, Web Developer/Designer

I have worked as a print and web designer in higher education marketing since 2006. Recently, with limited experience I took a flying leap and dove solely into web development and design. Wright State saw the potential in me when I didn’t. I’m thankful they gave me a chance.


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