Paying tuition and fees

1. How do you get your bill?
Bills are available electronically. Students (and any authorized user that students enroll—see number 2, below) will receive an email notice from the Office of Bursar when bills are available for viewing. For students, the notice will be sent to their Wright State email account. For authorized users, notices are sent to the email address provided by the student at time of enrollment. Learn more about accessing your account online.

2. For your parents or other family members
You can set up a parent or other person as an authorized user (allows them to view your student account and pay fees) through WINGS Express. Once in WINGS, click on the WINGS Express icon, click on Student and Financial Aid link, Student Fees, and finally Student Account Options. Then follow the online instructions provided to enroll the parent, guardian, or any other individual who needs to have access to your account.

3. Student Installment Payment Plan (SIPP)
The SIPP is available. Click here for more information.

4. Waiver for health insurance and legal services
Only students are able to opt out of Student Health Insurance or Student Legal Services through WINGS Express. Parents and other authorized users are not able to do so.
To decline health insurance, go to WINGS Express and select the following: Students & Financial Aid Tab, Registration & Records link, and Required Acknowledgment link. For Student Legal Services, sign on to WINGS Express and select the Student & Financial Aid link, Student Fees, Waive Optional Services, and select a term.

5. How can I pay my billing statement?
Click here to view payment options

6. Scholarship or alternative loans
Students receiving scholarships from external organizations (such as the Rotary Club) and those applying for an alternative loan should communicate this information to Raider Connect at (937) 775-4000 or by email at at least 60 days prior to the start of the semester.

tution7. When is my tuition bill due?
If your class schedule is established by July 31 and your payment is not received by August 15, your registration will be canceled and you will need to re-register for classes.

If you register during the open or late registration periods (August 1 or after), your class registration will be maintained, but you will have a $50 late payment fee assessed to your account if payment is not received by the open or late registration fee payment due dates. Read the Student's Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility Policy.

Click here for more information on payment due dates.


For more information about Financial Aid, Bill Payment or Registration, please contact Enrollment Services at (419) 586-0232 or