Social and Applied Economics, MS

Parent Entity: 
Business, Raj Soin College of ยป Economics
Program Type: 
Degree Type: 
Master of Science

Program Description:

The Department of Economics offers a professionally oriented graduate program that leads to a Master of Science in Social and Applied Economics. This program is designed to develop professional economists who can solve contemporary economic problems with a unique set of skills created by a curriculum that combines applied economics with social economics. In doing so, the program bridges the gap between research and the application of research for use in a wide variety of business and government professions. Students are encouraged to develop and evaluate new approaches to economic problem solving. The curriculum stresses research and is complemented by our faculty's teaching and research emphasis on the interplay of theory and applications.

Admissions Requirements:

An applicant for graduate study in the Social and Applied Economics Program is required to meet the general requirements of the Graduate School and also to be accepted by the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of Economics. Students need not have an undergraduate degree in economics to enter this program; however, the student's undergraduate grade point average (GPA) and, if applicable, graduate GPA will be considered. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test is required. (Students selecting the dual degree with the MBA may substitute the GMAT for the GRE.)

Both full- and part-time students are accepted for admission to the program.

Undergraduate economics majors with at least Junior standing and at least 30 credit hours remaining until completion of their Bachelor's degree are eligible to apply for a combined B.A. or B.S.B - M.S. program. This is an accelerated path to the M.S. in Social and Applied Economics. Students will take two graduate level economics electives during their senior year which will count both toward their bachelor's degree in economics and toward their M.S. in Social and Applied Economics.

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