Biological Sciences, BA

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Science and Mathematics, College of » Biological Sciences
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Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Arts

Program Description:

The Bachelor of Art curriculum offers a broad, integrated, and in-depth approach to the life sciences.  Departmental requirements consist of a balanced core of courses selected from several subject areas including chemistry and physics combined with elective courses from the Department of Biological Sciences and other elective courses outside of the sciences.

Within this degree, several options are available to students.  The programs of study can accommodate students with differing interests and objectives such as graduate work in molecular biology, laboratory work in microbiology, field work in ecology, or science education.  Advanced electives include courses in animal physiology, exercise biology, plant biology, vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, bioinformatics, wetlands biology, aquatic environment, biological safety, entomology and evolution.

The general Biology degree (BA) also provides course flexibility for those students interested in pursuing non-science courses.  Students are able to apply courses from other disciplines including the Raj Soin College of Business, the College of Education and Human Services and the College of Liberal Arts.  The flexibility in this degree program makes it a wonderful choice for transfer students or those students with credits outside of the sciences.

Career Opportunities:

The biological science majors are traditional academic programs designed to give students a broad, versatile education in various areas of biology.  Careers in biology can contribute to improving human health and personal well being, to environmental protection, to production of food supplies, or to increasing basic human knowledge about the world.  Some of the attractions to being a biologist may include work in a dynamic and evolving field, opportunities to help people, animals, or the environment, the international nature of many areas of science, and the possibility of working outdoors.

Biology students find employment within a wide range of organizations.  Employers include medical facilities, research laboratories, health maintenance organizations, biotechnology firms, bioengineering companies, environmental companies, schools, pharmaceutical companies, animal care, government, law firms, and the food industry.

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For more information about undergraduate degrees in Biological Sciences, please contact:

Biology Advising Center

235 Bio Sci Bldg

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Department Chair:  Dr. David Goldstein

Academic Advisors:  Brian Borchers, Matt Skira, Courtney Smith

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