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Student Organizations and Activities

The student body plays an active role in organizing activities and participating in campus organizations. Any Lake Campus student is eligible to take an active part in the planning of campus activities. The following organizations and activities are among those supported by the student body. Availability of student organizations may vary based on student interest.

The College Community Arts Council is supported by the Lake Campus, local corporate gifts, grants from the state of Ohio, and ticket sales. Performances include not only drama and music of all types but also ballet and residencies specifically for area public schools. Lake Campus students can attend all Arts Council functions at no cost.

Athletic Programs include men's and women's basketball, women's volleyball and softball, and golf. Participation in intercollegiate athletics is based on student interest and may vary.

The Business Professionals of America (BPA) is the national organization for students preparing for work in the business world. BPA is for students at Wright State University-Lake Campus who are interested in developing personal, leadership, and office skills. Lake Campus students have won numerous awards at national BPA competitions.

Colleges Against Cancer is the collegiate branch of the American Cancer Society, a voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service. The Lake Campus CAC chapter is only the fifth of its kind in Ohio.

Collegiate 4-H is a national service organization is made up of college students who have an interest in the 4-H ideals and in serving their community.

Cultural Enrichment Club gives students and faculty the opportunity to work together to broaden our horizons and better appreciate diversity through such activities as attending theatre and music productions, visiting museums, going to movies, enjoying ethnic food, traveling, dancing, and, in general, experiencing cultural events throughout the area.

Psychology Club was formed to support more in-depth exploration of various topics in psychology, with related activities.

Rotaract , sponsored by Rotary International, is an organization for college students who are interested in being tomorrow's leaders in their communities. Rotaract is an opportunity for developing leadership skills, networking with area leaders, and developing an ethic of concern for the greater community.

Student Senate helps provide a voice for students. Officers and senators are elected annually, and they work with the director of student services to provide student-guided activities and address concerns.

University Chorus meets each Thursday evening of the ten-week quarter. It is a professionally directed chorus comprising student and community members. Participants may earn credit for singing in the chorus, or they may participate for the joy of singing ensemble. An end-of-the-quarter concert is presented each quarter.

University Orchestra gives students and community members an opportunity to maintain their string and wind instrument skills by practicing and performing with a professional director. Their weekly meetings culminate in a quarterly concert.

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