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Admissions, Orientation, Financial Aid, Registrar, & Bursar

Steps for Students New to Wright State

Becoming a new student at Wright State University involves several important steps. This section explains these steps so that students can follow the process and make informed decisions about services that might help in making decisions.

  1. Apply and complete the admission process
  2. Inquire about financial aid, if needed
  3. Take placement tests
  4. Attend orientation program
  5. Meet with an advisor
  6. Register for classes
  7. Pay quarterly fees
  8. Seek academic assistance

Details about items shown in bold type are provided in the following pages. A summary of services and offices mentioned is provided later in this section, along with phone numbers to call if you have further questions.

After students are admitted they are advised by a professional advisor or faculty member in the academic unit. Specific information about advising will be provided in the student's letter of admission.

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