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Cameos of Caring

Southview Hospital—Karen Drewing

Recognition Year: 

Karen Drewing has been employed at Southview Medical Center for all of the 29 years she has been a Registered Nurse. She currently works in the Pain Management Center. Her patients are often confused and in distress, but Karen manages to find a way to help them be more comfortable and understand their disease process. She is a compassionate caregiver for these patients who live with chronic pain and assists them in developing a plan for relieving their pain. No matter how hectic the day is, Karen will stay and complete whatever needs to be done, even if it means she is late leaving. She always remains a calm, caring, and knowledgeable nurse who is able to use humor appropriately to ease her patients’ fears and make them feel more comfortable. She is a leader in the pain management team and sets the standard for other nurses within the unit; by doing so, she has increased the quality of care for the entire patient population. Karen earned her AAS in nursing from Sinclair Community College. She is a Certified Pain Management Nurse.

Southview Hospital - Karen Drewing