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Cameos of Caring

Miami Valley Hospital—Deborah Warniment

Recognition Year: 

For over 36 years, Debbie has been a Registered Nurse working at Miami Valley Hospital. After working in the Medical-Surgical Unit for many years, she transferred to the Mother-Baby Unit, where she is considered “The Positive Experience in Maternity.” As a team leader on the night shift, she has been a stable force, showering everyone with her confidence, skillfulness, communication, and teamwork. Patients love her kind ways and attentiveness to detail; she educates and teaches whenever and whomever she can. The staff loves to work with her, because she is helpful, especially during emergencies, and jumps right in to assist. Possessing a laid-back and calm personality, she keeps her team that same way, even during the busiest of times. For many years, Debbie has been a member of the Nurse Recognition Committee and the Obstetric Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement Committee and has worked on several projects to share education with the staff. Debbie earned her diploma in nursing from Mount Carmel School of Nursing. She holds certification in Maternal Newborn Nursing.

Miami Valley Hospital - Deborah Warniment