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Cameos of Caring

Marisa Jurcsisn - Sycamore Medical Center

Sycamore Medical Center
Recognition Year: 

Marisa is a leader on the unit. She cares greatly for her patients, their families, and her co-workers. She recently held the interim manager position for ICUE and did an excellent job in supporting staff and ensuring that our patients received the best care possible. Marisa is a high performer and consistently gets recognized for the care she provides. She always follows best practices at Kettering Health Network. She is active within the unit and network in unit council, shared governance, and the professional ladder program. She recently was selected for the Nurse Leader Network Fellowship to further grow her leadership skills. She has further developed her nursing professionalism by obtaining her CCRN. Marisa serves as a primary preceptor of new hires and helps to guide and shape their practice. She also helps to ensure programs and processes are implemented correctly on the unit to improve patient outcomes. She championed COPD and CHF education in the ICU to ensure patients were receiving the education needed to help prevent readmission. She is frequently recognized by her patients and her peers for excellent teamwork and for providing great care.