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Cameos of Caring

Kelley Jordison - Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center

Recognition Year: 

Kelley Jordison is described with words like “knowledgeable,” “outstanding,” and “caring” and phrases like “goes above and beyond,” “positive attitude,” and “very, very, very patient-care focused.” A 25-year veteran of Kettering Health Network, the staff nurse specialist/charge nurse is described by her supervisor as “a great example to new staff because she is very thorough, thinks critically, and always puts the patients and families first.” Kelley’s patients notice, and comment on how secure they feel when she is caring for them. “It’s more than just a task or a job,” Kelley explains. “You have to be compassionate and caring, and take the extra time to talk to them, and give a little bit of yourself back to them.” Praised as a preceptor, she is always looking for new ways to present material in interesting ways. “Kelley is a great teacher, which is why she was chosen as the unit staff nurse specialist,” says her supervisor. She is supportive of her co-workers, and celebrates their achievements at work. She also enjoys planning and participating in events with them outside of work hours.

Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center - Kelley Jordison