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Cameos of Caring

Fort Hamilton Hospital—Michael Eldridge

Recognition Year: 

Michael Eldridge has been a Registered Nurse for almost four years and has worked the past three years at Fort Hamilton Hospital. He is currently the Clinical Coordinator of the Emergency Department. Michael’s peers say he has an “attitude of gratitude.” He exudes a positivity, which he shares with peers, patients, and families in all his interactions with them. He is a quiet, gentle nurse who begins each shift with a willingness to do whatever is required to make the patient and family feel cared for and valued. Michael’s patients describe him as kind, respectful, concerned, easy to talk to, and a good listener. He always looks forward to the good that is yet to be. When the first “Flu-bola” patient arrived at Fort Hamilton, Michael was the nurse assigned to care for the patient. He did not allow his personal anxiety or concern to overshadow his care for the patient. He focused on the patient and family and ensured that communications were positive, which reduced anxiety as they dealt with a potential Ebola diagnosis. Michael earned his Associate Degree in Nursing from Miami University and is working toward his BSN at Indiana Wesleyan University. While at Miami University, he received the Ruth Busald Award for clinical excellence.

Fort Hamilton Hospital - Michael Eldridge