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Cameos of Caring

Fort Hamilton Hospital—Laura Reddix

Recognition Year: 

Laura Reddix is a veteran of more than 13 years as a Registered Nurse at Fort Hamilton Hospital. She is well known for her courteous and encouraging attitude toward everyone: patients, families, colleagues, and staff members. Even when urgent questions come flying at her from several directions at once, Laura manages to keep calm and provide answers. She finds a way to meet each need, while supporting and encouraging each questioner. This results in quiet, competent delivery of care for each patient. Laura’s presence and manner reinforce the message that each of her patients is valued and important. Patients also appreciate Laura’s caring and professional attitude. As questions and problems arise, Laura takes time to really listen to each patient and provides for their needs. She empowers them by educating them on a variety of subjects from her extensive experience with patient care. Perhaps most of all, patients and staff alike appreciate Laura’s compassion and her love of nursing. She cares about her patients and the care she provides—and it shows. Laura earned her associate degree in nursing at Raymond Walters College.