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Cameos of Caring

Fidelity Health Care - Tina Moore

Recognition Year: 

Tina Moore is a registered nurse at Fidelity Health Care, where she has worked for 10 years. She serves as a model for best practices and dedicates herself to ensuring all possible avenues are explored for each of her patients. She follows through with other disciplines, and her advocacy of patients exceeds expectations. She works 12-hour shifts, but is never overwhelmed by the different needs and requirements of her patients. She proactively anticipates her patients’ needs or concerns prior to discharge. In stressful situations, she focuses on patient needs and advocates for those most in need. She is described as a model of what a home care nurse should be. Her compassion for her patients and dedication has not wavered. Tina earned her degree from Sinclair Community College in 1997 and is wound care certified.

Fidelity Health Care - Tina Moore