Cameos of Caring

Christy Hall - Fidelity Health Care

Recognition Year: 

Christy Hall has been with Fidelity Home Care since 2014. She lives her life with a smile on her face, putting faith first. She treats others as she would want to be treated, showing that nursing is where her heart is. She has made a tremendous impression on her patients, with some of them claiming she has saved their life! In one case, Christy noticed her patient was not taking her meds, and her blood pressure and oxygen saturation rate were unhealthy. The patient was extremely anxious and was smoking a lot. So after assessing her, Christy told her frankly that her physical condition was getting worse. She called the physician to advocate for the patient, then called the patient back to say the physician highly recommended she go to the emergency department. The patient complied and was prescribed additional meds that allowed her to return home and recover. Yet another patient praised Christy for masterfully cleaning and dressing his wound—and spotting a second infection. She made 10 calls to get the patient the referral he needed for another regimen of antibiotics, which shortened the healing time. “All your patients are blessed to have such an energetic, competent, and compassionate nurse at their side, helping them during their healing processes,” the patient praised.