Cameos of Caring

Abby Martinez - Mercy Health, Springfield Regional Medical Center

Recognition Year: 

Abby Martinez says she has always had a huge desire to care for others and an endless interest in science and the human body. Her childhood aspiration since the age of 10 has been to be a nurse. She fulfilled that aspiration five years ago, and for the last three of those years, she has been a charge nurse at Springfield Regional Medical Center. Under Abby's leadership, her team provides inpatients with the appropriate care and the equipment they will need at home when discharged. A strong patient advocate, Abby encourages her staff to leave their comfort zones even when it means speaking up to a manager or doctor on the patient’s behalf. Numerous times, Abby has been the person to make sure her team goes above and beyond for both the patients and their families. Recently she has taken on the role of the orthopedic navigator, worked closely with physicians to ensure each patient receives exemplary care. Both superiors and peers regard her as instrumental to the success of the unit by facilitating teamwork and cohesiveness and providing consistency, critical thinking, and leadership. She is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have three beautiful children.