Keeping all courses that I teach up to date is too much work on a static webpage. Therefore, the information below is out of date. Currently (2013) I typically teach a class on the statistical programming environment R (BIO 4090/6090) in the fall, and co-teach ornithology (BIO 4010/6010) with Dr. Peters and marine biology (BIO 4730) with Dr. Vadeboncoeur in the spring. In addition, I typically teach one graduate or undergraduate seminar per academic year on a variety of topics. Occasionally, I also teach BIO 2310: Evolution and Ecology.

BIO 231 Introduction to ecology
Wright State University, spring 2009

ES 703 Environmental resource sustainability
Wright State University, winter 2009

BIO 492 Senior seminar "Predicting the distribution of species"
Wright State University, fall 2008

BIOL 206 Methods in Biology of Organisms
Module III: experimental design and basic statistics
Module IVb: regression analysis
McGill University, October 2006 and 2007
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BIOL 510 Advances in Community Ecology
Guest lecture on the distribution of abundances in a species range and what drives these patterns
McGill University, September 2006

WLE 650 Special topics in wildlife ecology: distribution modeling
Guest lecture on spatial autocorrelation in species occurrence models
University of Maine, 2004

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