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Brian McGill was my postdoc advisor.

William B. Krohn was one of my two Ph.D. advisors.

My other Ph.D. advisor, Raymond J. O'Connor, passed away in the fall of 2005.

Alan Burger was my M.Sc. advisor in Canada.

Harald Plachter was my M.Sc. advisor in Germany.

Peter Poschlod was my other M.Sc. advisor in Germany.

Ben Cashore was my wife's M.Sc. supervisor, and is now our collaborator.

Uwe Bahn is my brother.

Lydia Schwonke is my sister.

Friends with home pages are Roman Biek, Jay Rutledge, and Ulrike Glinsböckel.

Interesting sites

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)

The Ecological Society of America (ESA)

The International Association for Ecology (INTECOL)

Pacific Seabird Group (PSG)

The Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE)


The North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS)

The R Project for Statistical Computing

I use Firefox and Thunderbird for web browsing and email.

Other everyday open source and/or freeware software I use is: FileZilla for ftp, SyncBack for backing up and synchronizing removable drives, IrfanView for images, Tinn-R for coding in R, and PDFcreator for, who would have guessed, creating pdf's.

I used a template from Open Source Web Design (OSWD) by Andreas Viklund and PSPad to create this webpage.


If you really want to know what I and every other German is like (in comparison to Americans) read this. And don't just read the latest few entries, read the whole thing - it's the truth (the older ones may even be better).


Wright State University McGill University Department of Biology
McGill University McGill University Department of Biology
University of Maine Wildlife Ecology at University of Maine
Philipps-University Marburg Nature Conservation at Philipps University
University of Victoria
Auburn University
 Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

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