Research Opportunities

Open positions

While the Bahn lab currently has no open and funded positions, we are always interested in hearing from outstanding students or postdocs and in particular those who have their own funding. Outstanding students can also hope to attract a mixture of funding sources such as GTAs (teaching assistantships), scholarships, and tuition waivers from Wright State and beyond.

We also welcome informal applications from undergraduate students.

Choose wisely

Thank you for considering working in my lab. The choice of lab for graduate studies is one of the more important ones in your career. A great fit could lead to a great experience and important momentum in your career; a poor fit could lead to poor performance, unhappiness and possibly an aborted program. Don't take this decision lightly. Think hard and reflect on your real interests and sources of motivation. Nothing and nobody will carry you through graduate studies. It's a long, amazing journey but ultimately you will have to have sufficient motivation and stamina yourself to succeed. Having chosen the right travel partners and environment helps tremendously . . .

Choosing my lab of course also means choosing Wright State University and its graduate programs (M.S. in Biology or interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Environmental Studies). Look closely at the university and the programs to make sure that they suit you. In addition to what you can read online, Iíd like to share my personal perspective.

Wright State University in general and the ecology group in particular have a very solid reputation; however, in contrast to some of the more elite universities, Wright State is a relaxed, collegial place, where people tend to put more emphasis on collaborating than competing. Theoretically, you may have access to top names in your field at elite universities but, in practice, you may find that they donít have much time for you. At Wright State teaching and mentorship have a high priority.

These are of course rather coarse generalizations and you should carefully weigh all options before making a decision. Talking to current grad students at a place you are considering is a very good way of finding out how students there are treated.

Is the Bahn lab a good fit for you?

I expect graduate students to be self-motivated and mature enough to develop their own ideas and projects. I will support you strongly but I cannot and will not make up for a lack of motivation or interest. If you are looking for an advisor who tells you exactly what to do and pushes you towards your degree my lab is not the right place for you. I welcome students with good ideas, enthusiasm and perseverance, who are looking for stimulating discussions, a collegial atmosphere, and thoughtful feedback for refinement and inspiration.

In terms of research interests I'm looking for students whose interests complement mine. Our research interests need not match exactly, especially if you bring your own funding. I will consider a wide range of topics in ecology and conservation biology, and I welcome both field-based and computer-based projects.

What to do if you are interested in my lab

  1. If you are reacting to a specific advertisement for a position, read the advertisement carefully and send me an application.
  2. If you are sending me an unsolicited application please send me the following items:
    1. A one page essay about your interests, goals and sources of motivation
    2. A two page research proposal (this need not be what you end up doing but something that you can imagine doing) that relates to what I do and am interested in.
    3. A detailed curriculum vitae
    4. Contact information for at least two (better three or more) references.

If you would like more information about my research and your potential fit in my lab you are welcome to contact me by email before sending the above items.

Iím looking forward to hearing from you

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