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College Credit Plus

How to Order Textbooks

Don't Forget

CCP only covers required books. Some high schools may request you check your school library first. Prive/home-schooled students are responsible for the cost of textbooks. 

Order Online

CCP students at the Dayton Campus should order textbooks online. See ordering instructions below:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the purchase option for required textbooks. If the school mandates rentals, we will adjust for you.
  3. At checkout choose Vouchers/CCP/Ch 31 for your payment option.
  4. Under CCP/ATHL/SCHOLARSHIP enter student name and UID number.
  5. Click Continue to place your order.

Purchase in Store

To purchase in store, an appointment is required. For Dayton Campus CCP students, send an email to Maya Galbraith at If you're a Lake Campus CCP student, look for an email from the bookstore with pick-up information.