The Rooney Lab
Wright State University

Department of Biological Sciences


Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Students:

Students are welcome to join the lab for independent study projects.

Each winter, I have an opportunity for one student to work on a woodpecker community monitoring project. Every year we census populations of six woodpecker species that inhabit Wright State Woods. This is part of a long-term project to assess how invasive insects (like emerald ash borer) influence woodpecker populations.

Each summer, I have opportunities for one or two students to work on an invasive plant study. Each year we monitor and remove garlic mustard plants from a forest in northern Wisconsin. Lodging is provided. Researchers stay at Trout Lake Station, one of the premier research stations in North America. Spend your days working outdoors, and your free time interacting with other student researchers from around the country, or visiting one of the regionís many natural areas.

I usually have additional opportunities for students with strong bird or plant identification skills and/or GIS experience.

Graduate Students:

If you are interested in joining my lab as a graduate student, I recommend that you contact me directly to (1) inform me of your previous research experience(s), (2) tell me what research topic you would like to pursue for your graduate work, and (3) ask if I will be taking on new students. I do not have space in my lab every year for new graduate students, so it is better to contact me to find out rather than apply only to find out after you were accepted that I am not taking new students. See the Projects page for current research activities.

Most full-time MS students receive teaching assistantships from our department. I have no support for PhD students at this time and therefore I am not accepting PhD students in most cases. I will make an exception if you are a prospective PhD student and have a fellowship or your own source of funding.

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