Phil Flynn: When I'm Not at Work

Ivy Strand
Phil Flynn - relaxed picture
I enjoy Inlining on the Yellow-Springs Bike Path. It runs from the village to Xenia which is ten miles away. The path was built upon an old railroad line. Scenary changes from rural village to deciduous woods, passes along farmland and meadows before entering suburban Xenia.
The park across from my apartment complex has a three and 1/3 mile jogging track. It's benefit is it's proximity. It's deficit is it's uniformity: boring. I also enjoy the paths in Glenn Helen, a nature preserve 30 miles away.
I am a level four skier. Each season I visit Mad River Mountain in Bellefontaine (that's pronounced bell-fountain in Ohio) weekly. On the skii-lift I enjoy watching crystalline stars blink in a dark sea. Skiing, like everything else in life, requires balance. Without balance you end up face first in the uncaring snow.
What is life without books? With each breath I turn a new page. I read to learn and learn to live. Life without books is breathe-less, spiritless.
My tastes in film is eclectic. I enjoy the fantasies created by Terry Gilliam (Brazil), science fiction (Lathe of Heaven), comedy (Harold and Maude), drama (Maurice), and even syruppy family fare by Disney.

Ivy Strand
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