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James Purdy’s Books in Print


Moe’s Villa and Other Stories (paperback ed) New York: Avalon Publishing Group, Carroll & Graf Publishing, October 4, 2004. [ISBN: 0-7867-1417-4]


Brooklyn Branding Parlors: Poems (paperback ed.) New York: Contact II Publications, 1986. [ISBN: 0-936556-13-7]


The Color of Darkness (trade cloth ed.) Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc., 1975. [ISBN: 0-8371-7874-6]


Garments the Living Wear (paperback ed.) San Francisco: City Light Books, 1989. [ISBN:  0-87286-239-9)


Gertrude of Stony Island Avenue (trade cloth ed.) London: Peter Owen Limited, 1996. [ISBN: 0-7206-1011-7]


House of the Solitary Maggot (trade cloth ed.) London: Peter Owen Limited, 1986. [ISBN: 0-7206-0662-4]


In a Shallow Grave (paperback ed.) San Francisco:  City Lights Books, 1988. [ISBN: 0-87286-234-8)


Mourners Below (trade cloth ed.) London: Peter Owen Limited, 1984. [0-7206-0621-7]


Narrow Rooms (paperback ed.) London: Millivres Prowler Group, 1997. [ISBN: 0-907040-57-8]


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