Professor Emerita

Department of English Language and Literatures

Wright State University, Dayton, OH 45435

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Part-Time Experience



Conference Papers

Science Experience





  • technical writing & editing

  • document design

  • desktop publishing

  • distance learning

  • instructional design

  • Web page design & writing

  • online help

  • slide presentations

  • technical graphics

  • Web-based training


  • Adobe InDesign

  • Microsoft Office

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional

  • WebCT (distance learning)






  • introduction to technical writing

  • advanced technical writing

  • visual communication/document design

  • forms of technical documents

  • online documentation

  • writing for the Web

  • desktop publishing

  • writing for the computer industry



  • fantasy literature 

  • surveys of British literature 

  • survey of literary history 

  • Victorian literature

  • Romantic literature 

  • modern British literature 

  • world literature

  • writing about literature 

  • teaching literature

  • science and literature 

  • freshman composition 

  • business writing 

  • literary criticism




WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY, Dayton, OH (1975-2010) 

Professor Emerita 2010-present

Professor 1988-2010:  taught desktop publishing, visual communication, technical writing, writing for the Web, fantasy fiction. Developed EIGHT online courses.

Associate Professor (1980-1988) 

Assistant Professor (1975-1980)

Projects and Activities 

  • COMING: The Costs of Bad Product Documentation in America (Praeger, 2012).
  • Received Wright State University Online Teaching and Learning Certificate (over 14 hours of training in distance learning development)
  • Created certificate program in Technical and Professional Writing
  • Member of Wright State AAUP Bargaining Council (2008) responsible for online learning issues
  • Member E-Learn 2006 Program Committee (PC) for the AACE (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education)
  • Editorial Board member, Innovate (formerly Technology Source: On the Horizon online journal)
  • Editorial Board member, International Journal on E-Learning.
  • 1998: judge, Southwestern Ohio Society for Technical Communication Publications Competition. 
  • 1996: Panelist for National Endowment for the Humanities Research & Education Teaching & Technology Initiative.
  • 1993-4: Director College of Liberal Arts notebook computer pilot program; responsible for budget of over $100,000 for multimedia hardware/software; trained faculty in use of hardware and software.
  • 1992-3: Faculty liaison, university multimedia project; reported directly to Assoc. VP Academic Affairs. 

Wright State University Grants

  • Alumni Grants: $8500: computerizing technical writing courses, $2300 designing Writing for the Web class Research Council Grant: $7500: CD-recordable technology
  • University Foundation Grants: $3000: converting technical writing courses to distance learning, $5625: Kodak Photo CD and videodisc technology



ARIA GROUP, Yellow Springs, OH: Instructional Designer, Document Designer

Created training materials (slideshows and workbook materials) for a conflict resolution consulting and training firm. Materials include theory, procedures, checklists, worksheets, exercises, and diagrams (May 2005).


FREQUENCY MARKETING, Milford, OH: Contract Technical Writer, MIS

Created online HTML help for CareNet, a Web interface for the Loyalty Solutions Platform (LSP) software; programmer's naming and GUI style conventions guide; business case for starting a training department; archiving manual; and documentation updates (June-August 2002).


HORN INTERACTIVE, Cincinnati, OH: Contract Instructional Designer

Created Web-based training for Cisco Systems: Content Delivery Networks (CDN) (including topics on e-learning and content routers) for account managers. Used RIO/RLO (Reusable Information/Learning Objects) method of course development and Flash template for multimedia scenario. Also created design document for BellSouth onsite training for Customer Service & Small Business Systems Representatives on new long distance service (June-August 2001).


FREQUENCY MARKETING, Milford, OH: Contract Technical Writer, MIS

Helped develop the style guide; wrote 14 chapters for the User Guide and Administrator’s Guide; wrote entire Train-the-Trainer Guide (29 chapters) and 26 slideshows in 9 weeks. Product was a Loyalty Solutions Platform, an Oracle-based software (Membership Rewards Point of Arrival)  used to manage elements of customer loyalty programs. Client was major credit card company. Worked with both design documents and beta versions of software. Received achievement award (June-August 2000).

INFOGLOBE, Dayton, OH: Consultant

Did writing and research for Web site called MindsEyeWay. Responsible for the material on current research studies on the right-brain and mental imagery and Web page design and organization (June-August 2000).

LITTON-TASC, Dayton, OH: Consultant

Developed training plan, helped develop training materials, supervised course developer for Ohio EPA DRUMS project. This project is an Information Management System for the Ohio EPA Division of Hazardous Waste Management to maintain data concerning hazardous waste facilities (April-May 2000).

Developed training plan, curriculum, and slideshows, online files (Adobe Acrobat files, HTML quizzes and slideshows), exercise workbook, Visio flowcharts, and quick references for STEP (Survey Tool For Employment Planning). The STEP System software developed for the U.S. Air Force (under contract from the Pentagon) includes a client-server application (Windows NT and an Oracle database) that supports the collection and centralized storage of airfield site capabilities information. Completed entire course in 3.5 months (December-March 2000).

TAYLOR UNIVERSITY, College of Adult & Lifelong Learning, Fort Wayne, IN: Consultant Developed assessment criteria and assessed online course for distance education (World Wide Campus) (winter 1999).


Education & Training Department; redesigned training materials for course on Open Architecture; learned InterLeaf Publisher (summer 1996).


Product Data Management Department; involved in project to organize, consolidate, and standardize documentation in an electronic database. Used information mapping and NovaManage document management and workflow system (May-August 1995).


Wrote computer-based training (theory and parts section for army training on unmanned air vehicle) using toolkit for Sybase Gain Momentum (Feb.-March 1995).

WANG LABORATORIES, INC., Dayton, OH: Contractor

Wrote the following for Advanced Inventory Management System software, part of the Air Force Medical Logistics system: installation and user guide, quick references, online documentation using ForeHelp, multimedia guided tour (Jan.-Feb. 1995).

10NET COMMUNICATIONS, Dayton, OH: Contractor

Wrote online hypertext help systems for both Windows and DOS versions of Tiara 10NET network software using Windows software development tools and Aspen authoring software (Aug.-Oct. 1991). 


Wrote training workbook for sales force on NCR OS/2 Workgroup Platform for LANs and WANs, including NCR sales strategy, introduction to networks, LAN Manager, SQL Server, Comm Server, Token Ring (spring 1990).

SHEFFIELD MEASUREMENT DIVISION, WARNER & SWASEY, Dayton, OH:  Technical Writer Received training on coordinate measuring machines, updated two manuals, wrote pocket reference, did typesetting using TeX, coordinated art production, worked with engineers on parts lists and diagrams; worked with programmers, field service, and customers (Sept.-Dec. 1988).

PROCTER & GAMBLE, Cincinnati, OH: Freelancer

Designed two brochures and logo, quick reference for CD-ROM database; received Initiative Award (1989, 1990).



The Costs of Bad Product Documentation in American (Praeger, 2012). This book exposes the crisis of bad instructions and manuals in the U.S., why consumers don't read manuals, and what can be done about it.


War of the Fantasy Worlds: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien on Art and Imagination (Praeger, 2009).

Focuses on Lewis’s and Tolkien’s contrasting views of art and imagination, which are are key to understanding and interpreting their fantasy works. These views also provide insight into their goals, themes, and techniques and an appreciation of the value and impact of their mythologies.


Document Design for Writers (Parlay Press, 2007).

A short, simple reference guide for writers who want to design effective documents. Includes companion exercises.


A Guide Through Narnia: Revised and Expanded Edition (Regent College Publishing, 2004).

An expanded and update guide to C.S. Lewis’s seven Narnia books. Focuses why Lewis wrote the books as fairy tales, the best “form” for his ideas. It is written for both students and scholars who want to expand their understanding of these popular classics. Did page layout in Adobe InDesign CS.

German version: Brendow

Korean version: Rubybox Publishers

The Longman Guide to Style and Writing on the Internet

(Longman, 2007)

The Internet Writer's Handbook 2/e 

(Pearson/Longman, 2004)


Contains 350 entries on the latest Web writing terms and concepts such as Web page elements, Web page design, and types of Web writing. I did the research, writing, editing, and page design/layout myself. I also prepared materials for the companion Web site with student and instructor resources, including suggested syllabus and assignments, 375 Internet quiz questions, 30 slideshows, and 60 exercises. Used Pearson's software for importing files into the Pearson Web Publishing System.

"A Far-Off Country": A Guide to C.S. Lewis' Fantasy Fiction (Rowman & Littlefield/University Press of America, 2000).  

Offers a comprehensive introduction to C.S. Lewis' major works of fantasy fiction: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Space Trilogy, and Till We Have Faces. Draws on Lewis' manuscripts as well as unpublished letters; provides a detailed background for the novels, including biographical information on Lewis as it pertains to each work. Investigates the characters, symbols, and themes of the novels, highlighting the Christian doctrines that are embedded in them in addition to the many Biblical parallels. Includes numerous references from Lewis' other books, ultimately relating the ideas presented in his written works to his Christian beliefs. 

Multimedia Presentations on the Go: An Introduction and Buyer's Guide (Libraries Unlimited, 1996) 

A guide to hardware and software required for mobile multimedia presentations using portable notebook computers and related technologies, for educators, public speakers, and business professionals. A general overview of hardware and software options helps users assess their needs. The bulk of the book, an alphabetical listing of 45 product areas including animation, CD-ROM drives, monitors, scanners, and videotape, describes specific products and offers buying tips and vendor contacts. Also lists print and electronic resources and organizations.

"A Better Country": The Worlds of Religious Fantasy and Science Fiction (Greenwood Press, 1988)

A study of religious science fiction and fantasy in the tradition of Lewis and Tolkien. Explores why writers use fantasy to convey theology. In addition, the book provides a theoretical understanding of fantasy as a form of literature by examining the techniques of current writers in light of the goals and theories of the "founders" of the genre.

Der Reiseführer Durch Narnia (Brendow, 1998)

A Guide Through C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy (Cornerstone Books, 1980)

A Guide Through Narnia (Shaw Publishers, 1979; Hodder & Stoughton,1995) 




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Teaching Assistant, Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1973-4) 

Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois (1968-9)

Physical Science Aid, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Research and Dev. Lab, Philadelphia, PA (summers, 1967-8)



Ph.D. English 1974, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Major: 19th British Literature; Minor: Literary Criticism

Dissertation: The Role of Scientific Methodology in Modern Literary Criticism

B.A. Chemistry and English 1971, Wheaton College, Illinois



·         Took the following Sloan Consortium online workshops:

o    “Using Moodle to Create Online Courses” (Spring 2010)

o    “Podcasting in Higher Education” (Spring 2010).

o    "Video & Audio Tools for Teaching & Learning" (Winter 2010).

o    "Using the Quality Matters Rubric to Improve Your Online Courses" (Fall 2009).

  • Received Wright State University Online Teaching and Learning Certificate: nine workshops on distance learning (2006).
  • Took two Wright State Center for Teaching and Learning courses on using iPODs to create Podcasts for online courses (2007).
  • "Designing for Significant Learning." Wright State Center for Teaching and Learning. Topics included integrated course design, significant learning goals, educative assessment, learning-centered teaching strategies. (6-week online course using Elluminate Live real-time virtual classroom environment) (Fall 2006).
  • "Transforming Learning Through Teaching." Wright State Center for Teaching and Learning and the College of Education and Human Services Professional Development Department. Online course supplemented with audio and video using Apple iPOD. Topics included learner-centered teaching, cognitive processing, learning styles. (Graduate-level 10-week course) (Winter 2006)
  • TopClass (Wright State Center for Teaching and Learning) (June 1999)
  • IBM multimedia (Podium, AudioVisual Connection) (March 1991) 
  • "Online Documentation, Help Systems, and Tutorials," Human Performance Associates (Sept. 1990) 
  • Interactive Videodisc, HyperCard, and Mac multimedia, Southwestern Ohio Instructional Television Association (July 1990) 
  • Advanced Institute in Technical Writing, University of Minnesota (July 1988)