Learning Styles Test Unlock Your Learning Potential!
    This test is to find out something about your preferred learning method. Research on the left/right brain differences and also on learning personality differences suggest that each person has a preferred way to receive and communicate information. Choose the answer that best explains your preference and mark the letter (V, R, A, or K). If only a single answer does not match your perception, please indicate the second or third choices.
1.    You are about to give directions to a person. She is staying in a hotel in town and wants to visit  your house. She has a rental car. Would you:
V. draw a map on paper?
R. write down the directions (without a map?
A. tell her the directions?
K. collect her from the hotel in your car?
2.     You are staying in a hotel and have a rental car. You would like to visit a friend whose  address/location you do not know. Would you like them to:
V. draw you a map?
R. write down the directions (without a map)?
A. tell you directions?
K. collect you from the hotel in their car?
3.     You have just received a copy of your intinerary for a world trip. This is of interest to your friend. Would you:
A. call her immediately and tell her about it?
R. Send her a copy of the printed intinerary?
V. show her a map of the world?
4.    You are going to cook a dessert as a special treat for your family. Do you:
K. cook something familiar without the need for instructions?
V. thumb through a cookbook looking for ideas from the pictures?
R. refer to a specific cookbook where there is a good recipe?
A. ask for advise from others?
5.     A group of tourists has been assigned to you to find out about national parks. Would you:
K.drive them to a national park?
V. show them slides and photographs?
R. give them a book on national parks?
A. give them a talk on national parks?
6.     You are about to purchase a new stereo. Other than the price, what would most influence your decision?
A. a friend talking about it?
K. listening to it?
R. reading the details about it?
V. its distinctive, upscale appearance?
7.     Recall a time in your life when you learned how to do something like playing a new board game. Try to avoid choosing a very physical skill, i.e. riding a bike. How did you learn best?  By:
V. visual clues-pictures, diagrams, charts?
R. written instructions?
A. listening to somebody explain it?
K. doing it?
8.    Which of these games do you prefer?
A. Pictionary?                                  R. Scrabble?                                          K. Charades?
9.     You are about to learn how to use a new program on a computer. Would you:
K. ask a friend to show you?
R. read the manual which comes with the program?
A. telephone a friend and ask questions about it?
10.     You are not sure whether a word should be spelled "dependent" or "dependant". Do you:
R. look it up in a dictionary?
V. see the word in your mind and choose the best way it looks?
A. sound it out?
K. write both versions down?
11.     Apart from price, what would most influence your decision to buy a particular textbook?
K. using a friends copy?
R. skimming parts of it?
A. a friend talking about it?
V. it looks OK?
12.    A new movie has arrived in town. What would most influence your decision to go or not go?
A. friends talking about it?
R. you read a review about it?
V. You saw a preview of it?
13.     Do you prefer a lecturer/teacher who likes to use:
R. handouts and/or a textbook?
V. flow diagrams, charts, slides?
K. field trips. labs, practical sessions?
A. discussion, guest speakers?
    Now go back and count how many V's, A's, R's, and K's you circled. Whichever letter you have circled most indicates your preferred learning style. If you have a "tie" or two letters are about equal you probably have more than one preferred learning style. Click on the letter that you circled most to find out what you should do in class, when you're studying and during exams to complement your learning style.

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