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Welcome Back!

I know everyone is super excited to start back to school in the new year! Hopefully the holiday season was enjoyable or at least bearable. I started a new tradition of watching the movie "Krampus" for Christmas. I can't wait until next year when my nieces are old enough to watch it! They'll be the most knowledgable children in their pre-school.

Rob Cantor - Shia LaBeouf Live


Only person scarier than Krampus....

If you like: Catching broadway style musicals, ballet, serial killers? 


Seth Augustus - To The Pouring Rain


Seth Augustus sounds like he has been drinking bourbon daily since birth and I love it.

If you like: Weird folky music, Tom Waits

Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh


Does this German metal band really need to be introduced. Fun Fact: The lead singer actually had a cable and light pierced through his cheek just for this video...gross.

If you like: Eisbrecher, Psychostick, Rob Zombie

Tally Hall - Good Day

This video must have taken forever to make. This is probabyl one of the most cheery songs I've posted so far.

If you like: Indie Acoustics music, it's hard to explain Tally Hall

C.W. Stoneking -The Love Me Or Die

This guy sounds super old and I think he is only in his mid 40's. This is what I would call New Orleans folk.

If you like: Chris Black, Dave Van Ronk, R.L. Burnside


See you next week!