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And we're off...

We're getting nice and comfortable into the semester now. I'm starting to realize that the classes I'm taking are going to be nuts this semester. So, in the spirit of trying to get away from reality I present to you a sampling of videos that took reality, introduced itself, and then promptly turned into fire breathing squirrel that kidnapps children to work on a nut farm. 


Vitas - 7th Element


Wow Russia. Don't change...

If you like: Electronic with the backing vocals of a turkey.


Ramona Falls - I Say Fever


Such a great song set to...a love story?...a murder story?

If you like: Heavy beat with a hauting piano up front.


Flux Pavilion & Dillon Francis - I'm The One


Ah yes. This happens to me every time I have to cat sit for someone. Thats why I always have an ax.

If you like: Crazy electronic with dubstep beats.



Blockhead - The Music Scene


I'm sure there is a deep meaning to this video, but I'm too busy vomiting rainbows to figure it out.

If you like: Melencholy electronica.