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Album of the Week April 16, 2019

Here in the music department, we get a lot of submissions. Check out some of our favorite songs and albums in case you missed them on the air!


Album: “Mystic Truth"

Artist: Bad Suns

Genre: Rock


The Bad Suns are back and grittier and more harmonic than ever. The Cali rockers debut album Mystic Truth hit the shelves March 22 and is the most complex Bad Suns project to date. “One Magic Moment” - the single off this LP came out a few weeks earlier and had the same sing-songy undertone that had been the Bad Suns signature sound since they first garnered attention for their cuts such as “Cardiac Arrest” and then later with poetic anthems such “Heartbreaker” and “Swimming in the Moonlight”. But this song had something different, more of a guitar base and a harder feel. But somehow the Suns made even a mildly more alternative single feel light as a feather. Harmonies grace the choruses and the folky slap-clap rhythm pulsates through the song. This can be seen as a motif throughout the album – starting off fittingly with “Away We Go” which sends out early 2000s alternative vibes, and “A Miracle, A Mile Away” which even gave the group a U2 feel. Songs like “Hold Your Fire” and “Starjumper” come off as ballads which are somewhat of a rarity for the group. So give Mystic Truth a listen – it’s the Bad Suns serenading your ears like never before.


Bad Suns - One Magic Moment


  • Christian Peters

Assistant Music Director