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Adios 2018 Spring Semester and winter finally.

Spring semester is finally coming to a close. Did it seem fast? I feel like I never really got my footing and I've been falling down a flight of steps ever since. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great finals week and for those of you who have somehow gotten out of taking their finals this week, we hate you and you are monsters, that is all.


Mystery Skulls - Ghost

The video for this song is fantastically done, but really sad if you pay attention to the story. I think it does a great job with comunicating the feeling that the song is trying to give. This is a song that when I first heard it, it was like I couldn't listen to it loud enough...good thing I'm already slightly deaf...There is an instance of the f-word in this songs, so if that is too much for your fragile psyche, find a clean version or move on.

If you like: Studio Killers, Caravan Palace, Really any electronica with a heavy beat


Kiesza - Hideaway

This song is kind of hard to catogorize. It's electronic but also pretty poppy with a smidgin of 90's style. The video is also fun to watch.

If you like: electronic pop , the 90's


Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

Okay, I know it sounds like an inuendo, BUT it is not... I think. I dunno watch video, it's creepy and funny and Primus is always great. 

If you like: Faith no More, Tomahawk, Ween


Beth Orton - 1973

I must be in an electropop mood this week. This is another instance where electronica and pop can blend together into something beautiful and hypnotic.

If you like: Suzanne Vega, Cowboy Junkies, Martha Wainwright


The xx - Islands

This is a beautiful song with a beautifully well done video. It's like the same 15 seconds over and over again but slightly different every time it repeats. 

If you like: Alt-J, Metronomy, smooth indie


Good luck everyone!