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Women in STEMM

Women in Science Giving Circle Student Scholarship Awards

Each Women in Science Giving Circle (WISGC) Award is $1,500.00.

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Undergraduate women applicants must generally be engaged in scholarship that clearly lies within a STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine)-related discipline. Special consideration will be given for undergraduates whose primary degree focus falls within a scientific discipline that has limited representation of women as role models. Applicants must have completed at least one semester at Wright State University. Applications will be considered for non-research based support if clear justifications can be made for how a WISGC award can help to overcome a perceived barrier (e.g. childcare costs, travel costs to present research, tuition costs, book costs, research funds) to success in the applicant’s chosen field.


Awards are deposited into the student's Bursar account before the fall term.



  • A letter of support from a faculty member in your program.
  • Complete the scholarship application

The application cycle will open in late February or early March.

Completed applications will be due April 3, 2020, by 5 p.m.


Year Recipient Major
2020 Emily Kahlert Biology
2020 Maram Abuhaidar Biology/Medical Laboratory Science
2019 Elyse Angle Biology
2019 Hannah Benston Physics
2019 Suhaela Eledkawi Mathematics
2019 Sarah Krafcik Biochemistry
2019 Rebecca Reese Medical Laboratory Science
2019 Sara Walsh Computer Science
2018 Animah Boateng Psychology
2018 Abagail Chumley Mathematics
2018 Faminaz Karasha Neuroscience
2018 Melissa Kaufman Nursing intending
2018 Rosa Tweed Biological Science and Art
2017 Katelyn Adams Mechanical Engineering
2017 Andrea Bell Psychology, BNS
2017 Lauren Magee Earth & Environmental Sciences
2017 Megan Reed Biological Sciences
2017 Abigail Schmidt Psychology, BNS
2017 Madison Yancey Statistics, Computer Science
2016 Maria Dodd Psychology
2016 Molly Donovan Mechanical Engineering
2016 Kaylee Eakins Biomedical Engineering
2015 Michelle Bricker Computer Science
2015 Clarisse Mukeshimana Chemistry
2015 Melissa Ward Biological Sciences
2014 Kristina Burban Chemistry
2014 Lauren Shafer Biological Sciences
2014 Corrie Spradlin Chemistry
2012 Arlene Maliekal Exercise Biology
2012 Amanda M. Sherwood Exercise Biology
2012 Elizabeth E. Stayrook Biological Sciences and Chemistry
2011 Shannon Collins Psychology
2011 Kelsey Danner Earth & Environmental Sciences
2012 Tori Jackson Sociology
2010 Alyssa Fosnight Engineering Physics/Mathematics
2010 Diane Iragena Biology/Pre-Med
2010 Molly Miklasevich Psychology
2010 Christina Thomas Biology/Pre-Med
2009 Carla Benton Physics
2009 Krista Lewis Psychology
2009 Lorraine Ramirez Biology
2008 Dorothy Carter Psychology
2008 Jennifer Englemann Computer Science and Engineering
2008 Brittany Henry Biology