Become a Tutor

photo of a studentSummary of Position

Work individually or in small groups modeling appropriate study behavior and assisting students in areas of difficulty. Wage: $8.20/hr


  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • Completed at least 15 credit hours at Wright State University
  • Received a grade of A or B in courses to be tutored
  • Ability to communicate effectively

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare for tutoring session (e.g., read chapter, prepare quiz, etc.)
  • Meet punctually and regularly
  • Be supportive, empathic, and encouraging
  • Respect confidentiality of sessions
  • Support instructor
  • Confront motivation, laziness, and attitude problems
  • Maintain professional academic thrust of session
  • Involve tutee in central role in tutoring activity
  • Help with study habits (e.g., note taking, time planning)
  • Help clarify new information
  • Praise the student where possible and work to build a positive self-image
  • Build as much success for the tutee as possible at each meeting
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills
  • Help tutee approach the reading of the text
  • Up to 20 hours/week (30 hours/week with 3.0 GPA)


To apply for a tutoring position, please visit 023R Dunbar Library.

For additional information contact Folade Speaks.