Mathew McKelvey, Junior



West Liberty, OH


Economics and Finance

Clubs and Organizations:

Student Honors Association, Golden Key, WWSU, NSCS, Alpha Lambda Delta

Making a Difference

Community service is heavily valued at Wright State. In addition to the service learning classes, there are student-led efforts to serve in the community, such as Do the Wright Thing and the Wright Commitment.

A Great Choice

For me, Wright State was a great fit: It offered me the opportunities of a larger university, while allowing me the support and one on one attention of smaller schools. Financial affordability also played a large factor in my decision.

Outside of the Classroom

I actually had the chance to become a DJ at a WWSU (the campus radio station), which is something I’d wanted to try for awhile. Since joining the station, I’ve met a number of different people and listened to a lot of music (which is a passion of mine!). Currently, I’m serving as an assistant director for music at the station.

Preparing for the Future

I eventually want to work as a civil rights attorney, attempting to change the legal system from within. Wright State offers a variety of classes across the curriculum, each taught by a different professor who can offer a unique insight in his or her respective subject. This, along with a knowledgeable pre-law advising staff has helped prepare me for my future career.

A Little Advice

Keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid of opportunities. There are plenty of ways to get involved on campus, many of which you might not have heard of previously. If you find something you are passionate about, get involved!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Mathew McKelvey.jpg

I love the Bridge Café, which is a part of the Honors Hall Community. It’s laid back and always has something going on.

My favorite class has been University Honors 203. It was a service learning class that talked about relevant issues in southeastern Ohio (such as fracking). As part of the experience, we traveled to Athens County over spring break to volunteer in the community. Overall, my awareness of issues beyond myself increased as a result of this class.

12 Random Questions

What is in your burrito?
Beans, cheese, lettuce, cheese, salsa, tomatoes, cheese

How many hours a day to you spend on facebook? (come on, be honest!)
1… And 1 on Google +… And 1 on Twitter. And 1 on Tumblr…

Pick your addiction:

Computer/online gaming
None of the above

What was your most embarrassing high school moment…that you can share?
There's nothing to see here...

What is your workout routine?
Run one mile, then do a dumbbell workout

Where did you hang out last night?
My house

What is the last concert you went to?

What music are you listening to right now?
Backlash by 10 Years

Dream job…where would it be and what would you be doing?
Supreme Court Justice (seriously)

If you are going to blow 10 bucks at the movies, what are you going to see?
The newest interesting psychological thriller (Donnie Darko, Black Swan, Inception, etc).

What team are you on?
Team iPhone
Team BlackBerry
Team Droid
Team 2009 called and they want their old cell phone back
None of the above