Colton Metzger

Colton Metzger hails from small-town Fort Recovery, Ohio. The Lake Campus was close and affordable, and a good first-year-of-college choice for Colton after high school. He transitioned to the Dayton campus for his sophomore year, and has loved it ever since. He loves the energy and diversity of the larger campus in the larger city. “I quite enjoy the diversity of Wright State's campus. It is one of the most diverse universities in Ohio, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I enjoy learning about new things and new people . . . there are many organizations on campus as well to suit the personal interest of almost any student,” Colton says.

One of the reasons Wright State was a “fit” for him, Colton feels, was because he met other students and got involved in student organizations right away. “I lived in the residence hall my first year here and loved it. I formed many new connections and friends that I know will last a lifetime,” Metzger said.

He also got involved in many student activities. He was active in Psychology Club, Biology Club, Psi Chi Honor Society, and Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Of his busy undergraduate career at Wright State Colton said, “I personally feel as if student involvement is a key aspect of gaining a full collegiate experience. Involvement on campus will increase a student's confidence and connection to campus, will increase their networking abilities, and ultimately has been shown to increase both GPA and retention.”

As an undergrad, Colton majored in psychology in the College of Science and Math. He graduated at the end of summer and is now a graduate student in the College of Education and Human Services, pursuing Student Affairs in Higher Education.

Colton Metzger has thrived at Wright State, and so can you!