Brenda Pearl

Brenda began her college career at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. She transferred at the end of her freshman year to Wright State. Of her choice she said, “Wright State is cost friendly and three hours away. By not choosing an out of state school, I got a chance to stay in budget, and still get away.”

And Wright State has been a good fit. “Coming to Wright State allowed me to see how it felt to be on my own, and taking care of myself helped grow me, I'm an adult now ha, ha!” she said. “Wright State has been a good choice for me. I like the various amenities they have on campus, like the Student Union, the Hanger, the C-store, etc.

In addition to her major in International Studies, Brenda enjoys a choir, a leadership program, and the Transfer Student Organization.

She is good for Wright State!