Transfer Credit

photo of two students talkingOne of the most common questions is “Will my credits transfer?”

Wright State University accepts credits from colleges and universities that are regionally accredited. Regional accrediting agencies are Higher Learning Commission, Middle States, New England, Northwest, Southern, and Western Associations of Colleges and Schools, and the American Council on Education for military credits. Visit the Council of Higher Education to find out if your credits are from a regionally accredited institution.

But there is an important distinction between transferability and applicability of transfer credits.

Transferability means that the credit hours earned from another school will be added to your Wright State transcript. Beginning Fall 2005, a grade of D or higher earned at any regionally accredited institution will transfer, as long as the course is a college level course. Developmental courses will not transfer into Wright State.

Applicability means the transfer credits posted to your Wright State transcript fulfill requirements toward your degree. The applicability of credit is dependent upon previously established course equivalencies, statewide policies, and evaluations by academic advisors or faculty. Credits from a regionally accredited college or university may be transferable, but they may not be applicable to your degree requirements at Wright State.