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Writing Placement Testing

Testing Services COVID-19 Updates

Remote test-from home options for the Math Placement Test and the Writing Placement test are available for all Wright State students for the Dayton campus and Lake campus as currently described on this website. All students (including College Credit Plus) should follow the testing information for the math placement test and for Wright State’s own writing placement test listed under the ‘Non-College Credit Plus (CCP) Student Testing’ section on the website.

NOTE: College Credit Plus students: The remote test-from-home option for ACCUPLACER/WritePlacer is NOT currently available. As indicated above, College Credit Plus students may use Wright State’s own Writing Placement Test as described in the ‘Non-College Credit Plus (CCP) Student Testing’ section on this website.

Please continue to monitor this site for updates, instructions, and other helpful information. Thank you for your patience as we create safe and secure testing opportunities for all students.

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On this page:


After applying for the College Credit Plus (CCP) program and receiving your Wright State credentials, you may begin placement tests. If you have already taken the ACT or SAT and submitted your test scores to Wright State, you will receive a letter from Admissions that will tell you which placement test(s) you need to complete.

The writing placement test is facilitated remotely. Follow the information listed in the 'Non-College Credit Plus (CCP) Student Testing' section on this page. You will need your campus username (w123abc) and password to register for the placement tests.

You can obtain your Wright State University  credentials by revisiting the Admissions Portal

Non-College Credit Plus (CCP) Student Testing

Wright State's Writing Placement Test is an online assessment tool used to determine the right writing course for you to take. It asks you to read a brief essay, write a summary of it, and then write an essay related to the essay’s topic. You have 12 hours from the time you begin the test to do the reading and writing and submit your work online.

Submit your online Writing Placement Test summary and essay at least 10 days before your scheduled Orientation date. If you do not, your course schedule may be incomplete.

Non-CCP Students: Start or Submit the Writing Placement Test

To begin the writing placement test, you will be required to authenticate with your Wright State Campus username (w001abc) and password. The first time you log in, you will see the test and instructions for completing it. Remember: Once you begin the test, you must complete it by submitting your writing within 12 hours.

To submit your test, you will return to this page and log in again. When you do, you will receive instructions for submitting your test.

If you do not know your campus Campus username and password or have trouble logging on, please call the Help Desk at (937) 775-4827 (toll-free at 1-888-775-4827) or visit 025 Library Annex.

For more information or assistance, please contact Testing Services at (937) 775-5750.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need my writing placement score because I have Orientation tomorrow. How can I test?

    While we encourage you to have your placement testing completed 10 days prior to Orientation, if you have not had the opportunity to complete your online Writing Placement assessment, your next best option is to complete these important steps as soon as you can, even if this means that you attend Orientation without the expected preparation. This means that you must still attend your scheduled Orientation, but when you come, your academic advisor might not be able to place you into your ideal writing course. You will be able to register for other courses.

  • Who must take the Writing Placement Test?

    The best writing course for your needs is determined through a combination of ACT English or SAT Critical Reading scores and your score on the Writing Placement Test.  We recommend completing the Writing Placement Test as soon as possible; at least 10 days before your orientation/registration in order to complete the evaluation in time for you to be given a schedule at orientation.

    *Your English course placement will be based on your highest ACT/SAT scores. Non-native students scoring a 30 or 40 on the Writing Placement test will be given a final placement assessment on the first day of class.

    If you have earned credit for ENG 1100 through dual enrollment, AP, PSEO, or transfer credits, you are not required to take the Writing Placement Test. Be sure to verify equivalency and document requirements with your academic advisor.

  • Why do I need to complete a writing assessment?

    Taking the writing course that is right for you is an important first step to developing the writing skills you’ll need both now and later. To earn a degree in any major, you will need to earn passing grades in two first-year writing courses, four writing-intensive courses in the Wright State Core (general education), and two writing-intensive courses in your major.


Students place into writing courses based on ACT or SAT scores and/or performance on Wright State’s Writing Placement Test. This chart shows which courses students may take based on their scores. Students without valid scores will place into co-requisite sections of DEV 0920 and ENG 1100.

Course ACT/SAT Score Wright State Placement Level*
ENG 1100 Academic Writing and Reading

Students with the following test results do not need to take the Wright State Writing Placement Test:

  • ACT English 21 or above
  • Old SAT Writing 480 or above
  • Old SAT Critical Reading 500 or above
  • New SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 550 or above
  • New SAT Writing & Language 28 or above
  • New SAT Reading 27 or above
ENG 1100 Academic Writing and Reading for Non-Native Speakers-English/Second Language Based on placement test 40
ENG 1030 English/Second Language: Advanced Writing
Does not apply toward Wright State Core requirements or graduation
Based on placement test 30
ENG 1140 Intensive Academic Writing and Reading
4-credit-hour course that meets 4 days/week
  • ACT English 18-20
  • Old SAT Writing 430-479
  • Old SAT Critical Reading 450-499
  • New SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 490-549
  • New SAT Writing & Language 26-27
  • New SAT Reading 25-26
DEV 0920 Foundations of College Reading and Writing + ENG 1100 Academic Writing and Reading
The ENG 1100 requirement applies toward WSU Core requirements & graduation;
the DEV 0920 Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) co-requisite does not apply
toward Core or graduation, but credit hours earned in DEV 0920 can help students
achieve full-time registration status for the term.
  • ACT English 17 or below
  • Old SAT Writing 429 or below
  • Old SAT Critical Reading 449 or below
  • New SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 489 or below
  • New SAT Writing & Language 25 or below
  • New SAT Reading 24 or below

*Students with recorded scores prior to 7/2018 may use the following Wright State Placement Test scores:  WPL 86 = ENG 1100; WPL 84 = ENG 1140; WPL 60 = Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) co-requisites.  Remediation-free standards apply for ALP.

Policy Information

  • Wright State's Standards for Academic Conduct and Academic Integrity apply to all students engaged in testing.  Consequences for misconduct may be serious. University Writing Program: Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
  • Wright State’s Writing Placement is an online test. Students have 12 hours from the time they start the process to complete & submit work online.
  • A non-refundable $25 Writing Placement Test fee is added to tuition bill after score posts to WINGS Express Test Score page.
  • ACT & SAT English scores are valid for two years. Readmitted students with expired test scores should take the Wright State Writing Placement Test (WPT) unless prior placement was at ENG 1100 level. Students may use the highest valid non-expired score. Note: In Spring 2016, SAT implemented a new scoring system. Students with “old” SAT scores took exams before March 2016. Students with “new” SAT scores completed the SAT from March 2016 forward.
  • Students may fulfill the Wright State Core writing requirement with previous college composition credit of a grade C or higher or posted AP credit for ENG 1100. If students have such credit, they need not take the Writing Placement Test.
  • Transfer students who do not have transfer credit (within two years) for an equivalent Wright State English course should determine placement by a valid non-expired ACT or SAT score or by taking the Wright State Writing Placement Test.
  • The ENG 1120 - 1130 sequence is no longer offered.  Students with "C" or higher in ENG 1120 may take ENG 1100. Those with "D" & "F" in either course must consult with an academic advisor before taking ENG 1140 or Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) co-requisites. Remediation-free standards apply for ALP.


  • Wright State Writing Placement Test scores are final. There is no retest.
  • Non-native speakers with Writing Placement scores of 30 or 40 will take a diagnostic test on the first day of class to verify placement.
  • College Credit Plus students who tested at least 12 months prior (1 full year) should contact to see if updated transcripts or additional documentation meets eligibility requirements for renewed test access.

Remediation-Free Standards

Students with valid non-expired ACT English scores of 18 (or above), “old” SAT Writing scores of 430 (or above), or “new” SAT Reading/Writing scores of 490 (or above) cannot be placed in DEV 0920 due to state remediation-free standards.

Printable Writing Placement Test Policy (PDF)