Coronavirus Update

All academic classes will be held remotely for summer semester and course information indicates whether they have set meet times or no meet times. Physical access to Dayton and Lake campuses is restricted to essential personnel. Read more.

Academic Support

Student Retention Faculty Resources

Your personal contact and outreach with students are incredibly valuable. Assisting us in our early intervention initiatives provides the student retention team the opportunity to reach out to students who may be struggling with issues beyond the classroom. Your participation in our retention efforts help us to optimize resources across the campus service units and provide the right interventions through our coordinated care network in student affairs, equity and inclusion, student success, and student retention. The following resources are available to assist you in participating in our retention efforts:

RAPS Progress Report Video Tutorial
Anytime Alert Video Tutorial

Who Do I Call?

If you encounter any students with the following issues, please reach out to the one of the resources below or visit Student Union 023.

Student Advocacy and Wellness

  • Self-harm
  • Behavioral issues
  • Power-based violence (relationship-based, physical or sexual abuse)
  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Test anxiety
  • Medical issues and emergencies
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Housing issues (e.g., homelessness)
  • Food insecurity
  • Family issues
  • Mental health

Contact Student Advocacy and Wellness

Access services call/text: 937-260-0167
Power-based violence issues call: 937-775-2727
Serious mental health issues call Raider Cares (24 hr line): 833-848-1765 or TTY: 341-485-4345
To anonymously report about a student or staff member visit

Student Retention Team

  • Experiencing financial insecurity that effects their education (e.g. car repairs, child care, inability to purchase books)
  • Struggling with any courses due to poor or underdeveloped study habits
  • Require petition support or assistance navigating the internal bureaucracy of Wright State
  • Are not succeeding for non-academic or non-clinical reasons (i.e. not fitting it; lack of engagement)

Contact Student Retention Team

Call: 937-775-5000