Services offered by Developmental Education (023R Dunbar Library) include courses in fundamental English skills, basic mathematics, elementary algebra, and college study strategies.  For more information visit the Developmental Education website.

Fundamental English Skills

Foundations of College Reading & Writing (DEV 0920) is a course designed to assist students who experience difficulty in English composition or who need to improve their writing skills. The courses are taught during fall and spring semesters, and carries three credit hours. Students are required to take this course prior to enrollment in English 1010 only if writing placement test scores indicate a need.

Developmental Mathematics

Basic Mathematics (DMV 0500) and Elementary Algebra (DEV 0950) courses are designed to help students learn to do basic math and to develop the skills necessary for the successful completion of college level mathematics courses. Enrollment in the four credit hour DMV 0500 course or the three credit hour DEV 0950 course is based on ACT and/or placement test results.  Students who take DMV 0500 will take DEV 0950 as their next math course.

College Study Strategies

UVC 1000 College Success Topics is a  one credit hour course which offers practical "how to" advice on topics such as note taking, time management, preparing for exams, textbook skills, memory training, and library usage. The course, offered during fall and spring semesters, provides intensive study skills training in a compact format but is not a developmental education course.