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What is SOAR?

SOAR stands for Students Organizations Achieving Recognition, and for those of you who are unfamiliar with this program, it is a 5-tiered challenge program that is designed to help student organizations achieve their goals while also earning different rewards. The program was implemented in the Spring of 2016 by several members of the Student Government Association and has shown consistent success since it's unveiling. Throughout the academic year, SOAR, which is led primarily by the House of Representatives in SGA, presents several workshops focused on helping student organizations on campus to achieve their goals.

SOAR Sustainability

Why is SOAR Endorsement so Important?

Another great benefit of the SOAR program is that SOAR can endorse events led by student organizations. SOAR endorsement is a great way to promote events, as events that meet our criteria can be broadcasted on our social media as well as communicated to all Wright State students. Endorsements can boost attendance at specific events as well as promote the organization itself.

How can my organization apply for SOAR endorsement?

If your organization is interested in applying for SOAR endorsement for an upcoming event, please review the criteria listed below and fill out the request form with information about your event. Any questions can be directed to either Joe York (joe.york@wsusg.com), the Speaker of the House, or Connor Weaver (connor.weaver@wsusg.com), the Assistant Speaker of the House.

SOAR Endorsement Criteria:

- Must be enrolled in the Student Government Association SOAR Program.

- Must be at least a Tier 3 organization in the SOAR Program.

- Must give a verbal shoutout to the SOAR Program during your event.

- All members of the organization must follow SGA on all social media platforms.



  • The SOAR Program is optional for all student organizations

  • Challenges may be completed anytime during the academic year up until the tracker is due to be submitted on April 2nd.

  • The President/SOAR delegate of the student organization will be responsible for completing and submitting the SOAR Tracker form

  • Tier challenges may be accomplished in any order. For example, an organization can attend a summit for Tier 5 without having first completed the workshops in Tier 4

  • Tier rewards are only awarded in sequence. For example, at the end of the academic year, orgs will not receive Tier 3 rewards without having completed all of the challenges for both Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • Tier rewards are cumulative. For example, if both Tier 1 and Tier 2 challenges are complete by end of the academic year, then the org will earn both Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards. Remember, all Tier rewards are for the next academic year

  • The definition of service hours is as follows: Any period of time during which an individual volunteers to assist in the planning or execution of a philanthropic, fundraising, or leisure event. Participation in the event itself does NOT count as service hours. For more information on the difference between service hours and philanthropy click here

  • The definition of a collaboration is as follows: any event, initiative, or program where the executive leadership of the two orgs agree on set expectations for the collaboration. The collaboration will need to be registered on orgsync. If you would like some guidance, please reach out to the Director of Outreach and Collaboration. Contact found on wsusg.com

  • An org summit is defined as follows: Any gathering of student or community organizations outside of regular org meetings where the participants discuss issues and opportunities that align with the common mission of the organizations. Common org summits include, but are not limited to, local, regional, or national org conferences, as well as other opportunities presented by the House of Representatives.

  • The SOAR Program will award tunnel squares to every organization as dictated in the SGA’s SOAR Program Challenge Details chart. If a student org moves down in tier, they will have a one year “grace period” in order to earn again the tunnel square award. If not earned again, the org will lose their additional tunnel square(s).

  • If you have any other additional questions or clarifications, please email the Speaker of the House. Contact found at wsusg.com

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