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Members of the Wright State University community are encouraged to report all types of bias-related incidents precipitated by intolerant behaviors. Please refer to the steps outlined below in order to file an incident report.

  • Complete and submitt form below or return to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, 350 University Hall.
  • The reporting party will be contacted within 24 hours by a member of the Bias Incident Response Team.

This incident report will be reviewed by the Wright State University Bias Incident Response Team to determine appropriate action and referral. Please provide contact information, so that a member of the BIRT may contact you for follow-up and provide resource information, make appropriate referrals and provide other assistance in accordance with the Bias Incident Response Plan.

If the reported incident involves physical harm to you or your property, file a police report with the Wright State University Police Department by calling 911 from any campus phone or by calling (937) 775-2111.

Reporting Party

Contact Information

Tell Us About the Incident—Please be as specific as possible.


Please provide a narrative description of the incident (be specific): The narrative should answer the following questions:

Are there any witnesses to this incident? If so, please provide name(s) and contact information (if known).