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Student Involvement and Leadership

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Leadership Training and Transitions 

Presidents and treasurers of organizations are required to participate annually in university-administered leadership training. These trainings are designed to provide organization leaders with an understanding of university expectations, policies and procedures, and tips and tricks for organizational success. Trainings are typically an hour in length and are required for both organization registration/re-registration. 

Training dates and times are posted regularly for both the fall and spring semesters. 

Leaders who do not finish their term, graduate mid-school year, or transition in January, are required to contact our office before transitioning leaders. 

Membership Development 

Students get involved with clubs and organizations to develop a sense of community at Wright State. Student leaders are expected to foster an engaging, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for all members of their organizations. Organizations that provide a rewarding experience for their members are bound to succeed and last longer. 

It is never too early to begin recruiting. Student leaders should prepare to recruit and orient prospective members beginning during the summer months and continuing into the fall. A successful recruitment process is an ongoing one; never stop marketing for new members. 

Set rigorous but realistic goals for your organization and membership. Foster creative and collaborative energy throughout your organization. Involve all members and motivate them to continue growing. 

Presumably, one of your organization's current members will grow to be a leader within the organization and Wright State University. Encourage members to shadow or participate in organization business. Who knows? That member may be the next up-and-coming student leader. 


Successful programs and events by clubs and organizations are dependent on thorough planning, dedicated members, and an innovative attitude. Various university resources are available for clubs and organizations: 

Marketing Resources 

Event Resources