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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents of New Students

To assist you in becoming a partner with us, we have compiled resources to answer questions you may have about your student's experience at Wright of a student and parents on move in day

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Campus Recreation

  • My student played sports in high school and would like to continue while at Wright State. Are there opportunities outside varsity athletics for my student to do so?

    Yes. There are three ways students may participate in recreational or competitive athletics, depending on the sport.

    First, WSU provides facilities for informal recreation such as basketball/volleyball courts, swimming pool, racquetball/squash courts and outdoor athletic fields. These facilities usually require Wright1 Card for entry.

    Second, intramural sports are offered quarterly. Students may sign up online for a variety of recreational leagues and special events, including flag football, basketball, softball and more. Leagues begin at the start of each semester, usually last five or six weeks, and include all facilities, equipment and officials necessary to play.

    Finally, special interest student organizations (sport clubs) provide competitive opportunities. Sport clubs are similar to varsity athletics and often compete against other colleges and universities. However, sport clubs are student-organized, student-managed, and student-funded. There are typically over 20 sport clubs active annually including rugby, ice hockey, baseball, and football.

  • How can my student avoid the freshman 15?

    Campus Recreation offers a variety of fitness facilities and programs. Our 10,600 sq. /ft. fitness center includes state-of-the-art cardio, selectorized, plate-loaded and free weight equipment including several accessible pieces. Personal Training assistance is available for a small fee for those that would like help with a structured fitness program. In addition, a comprehensive group exercise program offers over 40 sessions per week including group cycling, yoga, cardio kickboxing, and belly dancing.

  • My student enjoys outdoor activities. What is there to do in Dayton?

    Dayton, Ohio is the outdoor capital of the Midwest. The WSU Outdoor Resource Center (ORC) provides a variety of outdoor workshops and trips, manages a rock climbing gym, and facilitates a low ropes course. The ORC also rents most of your basic gear (tents, sleeping bags), so there’s no need to bring all your equipment with you. Finally, the ORC works very closely with local park and recreation services to help students take advantage of great national resources in the Miami Valley.

  • How can I find out more about recreation programs and facilities?

    Campus Recreation is located at 092 Student Union. Visit the Campus Recreation website or call (937) 775-5505.

Career Services

  • What is the mission of Wright State Career Services?

    Career Services is committed to helping students and alumni develop career and life-planning skills, acquire experience, master job search strategies and seek rewarding employment. We offer a variety of resources that can assist students as they begin exploring career options and prepare to enter the workforce.

    Visit the Career Services website.

  • What is student employment?

    Available to current students, student employment positions are paid jobs that most often do not require a specific major. Responsibilities are usually general in nature. Opportunities exist on-campus and off-campus.

    Beginning with the first year at Wright State and continuing through graduate school, all students are eligible for regular on-campus student employment as well as a variety of off-campus positions. On-campus Federal Work Study (FWS) positions are available for students who have been offered Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid award.

    Student employment jobs are excellent résumé builders and may provide field-related experience.

    For more information on student employment, including job postings, visit the Career Services website.

  • How can I get help with choosing a career?

    Uncertain about an academic major? Uncertain about a career direction? Not sure of your interests, values, or skills? Just having a hard time getting started?

    Career Services offers tools and personal advising to help you. Call us at (937) 775-2556 to schedule an appointment.

Community Standards and Student Conduct

  • What is my role as a parent in the university conduct process? How can I help my student?

    You can help to guide your son/daughter through the process and be supportive while holding the student accountable to your expectations and those of the university. Expect your student to set appointments, attend meetings, and fulfill sanctions. It is not beneficial to the educational development of the student, or resolution of the matter, for you to take over the process for your student. The Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct is located at 022 Student Union, (937) 775-4240.

  • Why can’t I find out what happened?

    Wright State University has for many years regulated access to student records. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) as amended sets forth requirements designed to limit the disclosure of student educational records. The law governs access to records maintained by educational institutions and the release of information from those records. See frequently asked questions for parents on the Community Standards and Student conduct website for more information.

  • Will a disciplinary record keep my student from getting into law school, graduate school, or medical school etc.?

    A disciplinary record does not automatically exclude a student from further study, jobs, etc. That usually depends on the type and severity of misconduct in which a student is involved. A disciplinary record may lead an admissions office to more closely scrutinize the student's application. We will only release information about a student's disciplinary record to another school or potential employer as allowed by the records policy. For further information see Section XIII of the Code of Student Conduct.

Counseling and Wellness

  • What are the operating hours of Counseling and Wellness Services?

    Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS) is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. CWS is located at 053 Student Union. Contact CWS at (937) 775-3407.

  • What is the cost of counseling services?

    All Wright State students receive up to 10 sessions (individual therapy and/or group therapy) each academic year at no cost.  Beginning with the 11th session, a session fee of $15 per session will be applied. Session fees are billed through the Bursar's Office as a "Health Service Fee."  Please see our services fees page for more information.

  • What are the types of services that you offer?

    We offer group, individual, and couples therapy; crisis intervention; psychological assessment; and outreach programming to Wright State University students. We also provide consultation to faculty, staff, and parents.

Disability Services

  • What documentation will I need to receive services from the Office of Disability Services (ODS)? Can you accept my IEP?

    In most cases, while an IEP/ETR/MFE will enhance our understanding of a disability, it will not serve as documentation for need for a particular service. Students are required to provide documentation of their disability to receive services.

    • Students with a physical disability or medical condition should submit certification of their disability from a health or rehabilitation professional.
    • Students with learning disabilities should submit documentation from a licensed professional (e.g., psychologist, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, or any other relevantly trained specialist).
    • Students with ADHD should submit current and comprehensive documentation from a licensed clinical professional who has relevant experience in differential diagnosis and the full range of mental disorders (i.e., licensed clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, or other relevantly trained specialist)
    • Students with psychological disabilities should submit current documentation from a licensed clinical professional who has relevant experience in differential diagnosis and the full range of mental disorders (i.e., licensed clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, licensed clinical social worker, or any other relevantly trained specialist).

    Disability certification forms are available on the Forms page of the ODS website; students may submit these forms, completed by their healthcare professional, as documentation of disability.

  • Will I receive the same services I did in high school?

    In grades K-12, the services students receive fall under the IDEA Act, and schools are required to adapt or change curriculum to meet students’ needs. In post-secondary education, services are provided under the ADA and Section 504 of the 1974 Rehabilitation Act. Post-secondary institutions do not have to adjust curriculum; however, they must provide reasonable accommodations that allow students to participate.

  • How long will it be before I can receive services from ODS?

    Students requiring services from the university need to submit an online application for accommodations, documentation of their disability, and participate in a pre-service interview before they can receive services. The registration process could take as long as a few weeks from the time the student makes contact with ODS.

  • Who do I contact if I need modifications made to my room?

    ODS works closely with Residence Life and Housing to ensure students are functional within their living quarters. All students requesting housing accommodations on the basis of a disability are asked to register with ODS and also submit a housing accommodations request form (available on the Forms page of the ODS website).

    ODS is located in 180 University Hall. Contact ODS by calling (937) 775-5680 or via email at

Police Department

  • What’s the telephone number of the Wright State University Police Department?

    The Police Department's phone number is (937) 775-2111 and this should be auto programmed into your students’ cellular phones to contact the WSU Police Department for a Safety Escort or during an emergency. You can also reach our Emergency Communications Center from any campus phone in an emergency by dialing 911.

  • What types of Crime Prevention Programs are offered by the Wright State Police Department.?

    Programs Offered:

    • S.A.F.E Women's Self-Defense,
    • A.L.I.C.E and Shots Fired Active Shooter Response,
    • Theft Prevention,
    • Sexual Assault Prevention,
    • Alcohol Awareness,
    • General Safety,
    • Winter Safety,
    • and any others that are requested or needed.

    Contact the Crime Prevention Manager, Sergeant Patrick Ammon, by email at for any questions or to set up a program anytime. Also, make sure students engrave or mark their property and then document (serial numbers, model, and descriptions) for all high dollar items.

  • Is the Wright State Police Department a real police department?

    YES! The WSU Police Department is a REAL Police Department and has 2 locations on campus. The first location is the Communication Center and it’s located at the basement level of Allyn Hall at 060 Allyn Hall and its open 24 hrs. The other location is Police Headquarters located at 118 Campus Services Building near Lot 20 and it is generally open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Contact Police Headquarters at (937) 775-2056.

Student Activities

  • Should my student join a student organization?

    National studies show that students that get involved in organizations tend to feel better connected to their college experience. Every student should consider balancing involvement with academic work load and student employment. There are 200 groups to choose from! Joining an organization is easy! Students may visit the Student Activities website or attend several opportunities during the fall semester such as Do the U or Fall Fest.

  • How will my student find out about campus events?

    Attending events on campus enhance the college experience. The best source to find out about events is on the Engage events page where all student activities are posted. Other possibilities include campus flyers and social networking sites such as Facebook. There is always something to do at Wright State! Student groups sponsor over 385 events a year!

    Contact the Office of Student Activities at (937) 775-5570.

Student Health Services

Student Support Services

  • What does the Office of Student Support Services do?

    The Office of Student Support Services provides individualized attention and assistance with the resolution of student and family concerns and complaints. Support services and coordination of university resources for students experiencing family or personal emergencies are also available. For more information and/or to contact Student Support Services, call the office at (937) 775-3749 during regular business hours. After hours, please use the 24/7 on-call phone at (937) 775-2727.

  • Who does my student call if she/he is ill and needs assistance notifying professors and transitioning back to classes?

    Katie Deedrick
    Director, Student Support Services
    022 Student Union
    Phone: (937) 775-3749 or (937) 775-5742 (Office)
    Mobile: (937) 260-0167 (24/7 on-call)

  • Who does my student call if she/he needs to know about educational resources and support services available for students?

    Katie Deedrick
    Director, Student Support Services
    022 Student Union
    Phone: (937) 775-3749 or (937) 775-5742 (Office)
    Mobile: (937) 260-0167 (24/7 on-call)

  • Who does my student call if she/he has questions about university policies and procedures?

    Katie Deedrick
    Director, Student Support Services
    022 Student Union
    Phone: (937) 775-3749 or (937) 775-5742 (Office)
    Mobile: (937) 260-0167 (24/7 on-call)