Counseling and Wellness

Self Help Apps

Counseling and Wellness Services maintains a list of apps as a service to the community. We have included apps that may be helpful in developing and maintaining your wellness. However, CWS does not endorse all of the information provided by the apps and cannot guarantee the reliability and functionality of the included links. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Anxiety Management

  • Self-help for Anxiety Management: Information about anxiety, relaxation and coping exercises and a tracker for symptoms of anxiety. Free for Android and iOS


  • The Mindfulness App: Offers guided meditations, reminders to engage in mindfulness and aids for non-guided meditation. 1.99 for Android and 2.99 for iOS
  • Mindfulness Bell: Reminders throughout the day. Free for Android and .99 for iOS

Mood Management

  • eMoods: Designed for people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, a tracker for mood and other symptoms, sleep, use of medications and therapy sessions. Free for Android
  • MoodTools: Designed for people diagnosed with Depression, provides education on depression, safety planning, meditations and a thought journal. Free for Android
  • MyMoodTracker: Tracker for mood, emotions, sleep, use of medications, exercise, stress and other data. Lite version free for iOS, paid version 9.99

Organization and Time Management

  • Evernote: Organization tool for files and notes. Free for Android and iOS
  • StayOnTask: Random alarm reminds user to remain on task. Free for Android

Relaxation and Sleep

  • Breathe2Relax: Instruction and coaching for diaphragmatic breathing. Free for Android and iOS
  • Relax and Rest: Three guided mediatations with optional music and nature sounds. 1.49 for Android and 1.99 for iOS
  • Relax Melodies: Ambient sounds can be combined to create a unique mix for relaxation or sleep. Free for Android and iOS
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: Analyzes sleep, wakes you during the lightest phase in the sleep cycle. .99 for Android and free for iOS

Resources for Maintaining Safety and Sexual Assault Recovery

  • Circleof6: Provides options to make an immediate connection with support when in an unsafe situation. Free for Android and iOS
  • DoD Safe Helpline: For sexual assault survivors to easily access resources and develop/keep a self-care plan. Free for Android and iOS