Right Here. Wright State. This Fall.

Fall Semester begins August 24. Visit our Coronavirus website.

Campus Recreation

Wellness Programs

Walk, Run, and Bike Meetup Groups

Need a walking, running, or biking buddy? All Wright State students, staff, alumni, and faculty are invited to join our meetup groups! Find other members on campus to walk, run, or bike, with on your lunch break, in-between classes, or whenever! This group was created to form a community of enthusiasts on campus to find each other. We hope this group creates long-lasting friendships and wonderful health benefits.

How to join:
1) Head to Wright State Campus Recreations Facebook Page
2) Click on Groups
3) Ask to join Walk Meetup Group, Run Meetup Group, and/or Bike Meetup Group
4) Find members of our community to exercise with through our discussion boards


Chair Massage

Chair Massage in the Student Union is an awesome and affordable stress buster! Offered every second Friday in the SU. Make an appointment at the SU Rec Desk.

Program fees: 15 minutes/$12, half hour/$24

Need more information? Call 937-775-5505.