Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center

Services and Resources

photo of a students sitting in an audience

In addition to sponsoring and co-sponsoring programs that reflect African/African American culture and issues, other Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center (BBCRC) services and resources include:


Academic Advising

The Bolinga Center provides onsite academic advisors for undergraduate and graduate students.

Computer Lab

The Bolinga Center provides computers for students to study, print, and complete group projects.

Lending Library

The Bolinga Center provides textbooks for students to utilize for entry-level courses. These textbooks are for areas of study that include history, math, psychology, biology, African American studies, social work,  women’s studies, and sociology.

Tutoring Services

The Bolinga Center provides tutorial support for eligible students in courses such as math, science, and the social sciences. Each semester the center disseminates information about tutorial services to the university community. Additional onsite tutoring services are provided in Chemistry 1100, Biology 1070, Math, Statistics, Engineering 1010, Calculus II, and Writing.

Center Resources

  • Referring students to appropriate campus resources for additional advising, counseling, and/or other support services.
  • Keeping students informed of all local activities and programs relating to African American culture and experience.
  • Consulting on the maintenance of African American Culture materials in the Paul Laurence Dunbar.
  • Consulting Diversity Initiatives and how it relates to Wright State University's vision.
  • Informing the community on all events sponsored by BBCRC through the quarterly newsletter, Heritage.

Online Resources