Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center


Dear Students,

Now more than ever, the horrific events in Charlottesville demonstrate that we must stand united against bias and hate in all of its forms. The lines between free speech and hate speech can really be blurry.  However, we cannot allow fear or anger to consume us. We can choose love over hate. Did you know that the founders of the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center selected the name Bolinga, a Lin gala word meaning love, in the hope that the center would be a positive force for love and understanding in our community?

If at any time you or someone you know has been affected by microaggressions, hate, or any ism, or simply feel unjustly treated, be assured that you are not alone. You matter.  If you ever want someone to talk to or strategize with, then simply stop by the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center located at 140 Millett Hall. 

We refuse to give one inch of ground to those who seek to divide us. That’s why we are extremely excited to welcome new and returning students back to campus. Do know that Wright State University believes that recruiting, retaining, and graduating black students is essential to our success as an institution. But even more, the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center is a place where students of all backgrounds convene to study, work, explore cultural competence issues, and have fun.

Whether you reside on or commute to campus, your engagement in the life of the Wright State University and Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center community can enhance the quality of your college experience and prepare you for successful careers. Alumni proudly affirm that involvement in the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center was instrumental in making lasting friendships and memories, as well as providing necessary tools to be empowered to be ambassadors of black culture and history.

As you take important steps toward achieving your educational and personal goals, we also invite you to call upon the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center for any assistance you may need. Check out our website ( to see many of the opportunities and resources we provide.

We hope you will take advantage of the numerous opportunities to get involved in our community and continue Bolinga’s rich legacy of successful leaders achieving their goals and making positive differences in the lives of others.


Edward Twyman, Ed.D.


Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center