Meet the Graduate Assistants in the Division of Student Affairs

Location Name (Year) Position
Adapted Recreation Jessica Kelbley (2) Adapted Recreation GA
Athletics Danielle Graham (1) Compliance Assistant
Athletics Durand Capers (2) Academic Advising
Community Standards & Student Conduct Cody Benedict (1) Community Standards & Student Conduct GA
Disability Services Theo Czekalski Disability Services Graduate Assistant
Fraternity & Sorority Life Jeremy Keller (2) Fraternity & Sorority Life GA
Friendship Food Pantry (OVPSA) Carine Verlin (2) Program Coordinator – Friendship Food Pantry
GLBTQA Initiatives Josh Scacco (2) GLBTQA Initiatives GA
Independent Scholars Network (OVPSA) Jessica Baker (1) Program Coordinator School – Independent Scholars Network
Office of Student Support Services Kelsey Bowling (1) Student Support Services
Student Activities Lindsey Steller (1) Leadership Development GA
Student Activities Taylor Watkins (1) Campus Programs Graduate Assistant
Student Union & Event Services Stephanie Swigart (1) Marketing & Special Programs Assistant