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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does an appointed USAC committee representative do?

    All members of USAC whether elected or appointed shall attend regularly scheduled meetings.

  • What does an elected USAC member do?

    The council consists of members elected for a three-year term. About one third of the council members are elected each year. Elections are held in the spring. The first meeting for newly elected members will be in June. This is also the meeting where USAC officers are elected from council members for the next academic year.

    Council members have the opportunity to run for an officer position. The duties of the officers are outlined in the charter. The Chair will attend additional meetings and retreats.

    Council members are expected to attend most of the monthly meetings held during the academic year. These meetings are generally an hour and are held between 8:30 and 5 on the main campus. Council members are also encouraged to attend special events such as the staff open forums and Staff Development Day.

    Council members may be asked to serve on committees or ad-hoc groups. Information on the committees is available on the committee page and in the charter.

    Council members should communicate unclassified employee concerns to the council.

  • What does an elected USAC officer do?

    Responsibilities of USAC Officers

    USAC has four officer positions. There is a Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair and Secretary. At the June meeting each year, a chair-elect and secretary are elected from the USAC council members. Committee representatives are not eligible to hold USAC officer positions. Chair-Elects must have a minimum of two years remaining on Council.


    The Chair has a variety of responsibilities. The chair:

    • Recommends the meeting schedule for the year
    • Approves the agenda for each meeting
    • Conducts the meeting
    • Serves on the University Staff Council
    • Manages the USAC budget
    • Selects Committee members with assistance of the other officers
    • Announces USAC nominations
    • Confirms interested nominees
    • Announces USAC voting results
    • Serves on Staff Development Day planning committee
    • Speaks at Staff Development Day
    • Represents the unclassified staff by serving on other university committees
    • Makes recommendations to the senior administration on staff to serve on search committees
    • Attends university functions


    The Chair-Elect spends the year learning the ropes in preparation for their year as Chair. They serve on the University Staff Council and Staff Development Day committee. This person may need to fill in for the current Chair as needed.

    Past Chair

    The Past Chair serves as an advisor. They serve on the University Staff Council. This person does not need to still be a council member.


    The Secretary has a variety of responsibilities, as noted in the Secretary's Handbook. The secretary:

    • Creates the meeting agenda
    • Sets up for the meeting
    • Takes notes during the meeting
    • Creates the meeting minutes
    • Maintains the USAC website
    • Serves on the University Staff Council
    • Manages the nomination and voting process