Council and Subcommittees

USAC Subcommittees for 2019-20

Council Roles


  • USAC Chair - Jennifer Attenweiler - term ends 2020
  • Secretary - Lindsay Miller - term ends 2021
  • Immediate Past Chair - Adam Horseman - term ends 2019
  • Chair-Elect - Katie Halberg - term ends 2021
  • Secretary-Elect - Carol Rader - term ends 2020


  • Ryan Black - term ends 2020
  • Christpher Hogan - term ends 2021
  • Matt Grushon - term ends 2021
  • Catherine Anderson - term ends 2020
  • Frank Wolz III - term ends 2021
  • Donna Braswell - term ends 2021
  • Michael Griest - term ends in 2020
  • Debbie Lamp - term ends in 2021

Subcommittee members are reappointed among members of USAC annually.

Bylaws and Charter

Reviews the USAC charter and suggests updates to the bylaws to help direct USAC's work.

  • USAC Secretary: Lindsay Miller
  • USAC Member (Secretary-Elect): Carol Rader
  • USAC Member
  • Ad Hoc (USAC Chair): Jennifer Attenweiler
  • Ad Hoc: VACANT

Communications & Marketing (INACTIVE)

Community Service

Promotes Wright State's mission by seeking opportunities for unclassified staff to give their time, talent and services to better the lives of our employees and to engage in the community surrounding them.

  • Co-Chair: Joanie Hendricks
  • USAC Member: Jen Attenweiler
  • USAC Member:
  • Co-Chair (At large): Becky Traxler
  • Ad hoc: Fran Keeley

Compensation, Benefits, and Equity

This standing subcommittee primarily focuses on questions of equity for unclassified staff in the areas of compensation, benefits, and workload. The subcommittee regularly conducts research on such issues and communicates its findings and relevant recommendations to USAC.

  • USAC Member: Mandy Karper
  • USAC Member: Ryan Black
  • USAC Member: 


Conducts an annual election to select Council Members as stated in the USAC bylaws.

  • USAC Chair: Jennifer Attenweiler
  • USAC Chair-Elect: Katie Halberg
  • USAC Secretary: Lindsay Miller
  • USAC Secretary-Elect: Carol Rader

University Committee Representatives for 2019-2020

Committee Members are appointed annually as outlined in the USAC Bylaws.

Athletic Council

  • USAC Member:   Frank J. Wolz III, 3-year term expires academic year 2020–21
  • USAC Member: Gina Keucher, 2-year term expires academic year 2019–20
  • Meeting Schedule: TBD; Contact:

Hospitality (Dining) Services

  • Katie Halberg, 2-year term expires academic year 2020-21
  • Meeting Schedule: 3rd Thursday of the month (October - June)
    2:00 - 3:00 p.m. in Cambiar Room (SU)
  • Contact: Greg Sample

Ohio Staff Council of Higher Education (OSCHE)

  •  (must be voting member)
  •  (must be voting member)
  • Meeting Schedule: TBD

Parking Services (Inactive)

Staff morale and retention Committee
      formerly known as: staff Appreciation Day

  • USAC member:
  • At Large:
  • VACANT: 
  • Meeting schedule: TBD; Contact: Shannon Norton

Staff Development Day Committee

  • USAC Member: Mandy Karper, 2-year term expires academic year 2018-2019
  • USAC Member: Lindsay Miller, 2-year term expires academic year 2019-2020
  • USAC Member: Petey Peterson, 2-year term expires academic year 2019-2020
  • At large: Michael Griest
  • Meeting Schedule: TBD; Contact: Mandy Karper

Sustainability (Inactive)

University Diversity Advisory Council (UDAC)

  • Jen Attenweiler, 2-year term expires academic year 2018-19
  • VACANT, 2-year term expires academic year 2019–20
  • Meeting Schedule: TBD; Contact: Lindsay Miller

Wellness and Recreation (Inactive)


WSU Bookstore Committee

  • USAC Member: Ryan Black
  • USAC Member: Katie Halberg
  • Meeting Schedule: TBD; Contact: 

WSU Staff Council

  • Adam Horsemanr, Immediate Past Chair
  • Lindsay Miller, Secretary
  • Jennifer Attenweiler, Chair-Elect
  • Lindsay Miller, Secretary-Elect
  • Carol Rader, Secretary-Elect
  • Meeting Schedule: Visit WSU Staff Council Meetings Web page

shared governance

  • USAC Member: , 2-year term ends in 20xx
  • USAC Member: Jennifer Attenweiler, 2-year terms ends in 2019-2020
  • At large: Mike Griest
  • At large: Jerry Hensley