Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Community Partners

Service-learning and civic engagement connects faculty, staff, and students with non-profits, for-profits, local governments, and community organizations. Wright State has worked with more than 250 community partners, including schools, hospitals, and public agencies, in a variety of capacities to promote enhanced learning and civic engagement.

Our community partners may offer opportunities for both enhanced learning and civic engagement. They offer invaluable resources that help students:

  • Develop knowledge and skills for effective citizenship;
  • Examine current issues and challenges that impact people in the region;
  • Understand the resources and needs of local, national, and/or international communities; and
  • Engage with communities to enact positive change.

"Wright State University students who volunteer to complete service-learning hours at St. Vincent de Paul assist with a variety of things. Some of the positions that are assigned include:  assisting at the front desks of our facilities, working as dorm assistants, and serving meals to our guests. We can always count on Wright State students to show a high level of professionalism and dedication while volunteering. Without volunteers like this, the St. Vincent de Paul organization would be unable to consistently accomplish our mission to provide emergency shelter services to the homeless men, women and children in Montgomery County."—Carmel Scott-Emuakpor, Manager of Volunteers, St. Vincent de Paul

For more information about our community partners or past projects, contact or 937-775-4262.

Becoming a Wright State Partner

If you are interested in becoming a service-learning partner, we want to hear from you. Please contact Michele Tyler at or 937-775-4262.

Partnering with Wright State on service-learning or civic engagement will allow you to:

  • Work with students and faculty
  • Increase public awareness of crucial issues
  • Gain fresh prospectives from students 
  • Recruit more hands for your programs and initiatives 
  • Meet potential future employees